I am a woman

Spell it out for me, letter by letter, word by word. Go ahead, talk to me through Mister Man because I cannot comprehend such terms. I simply cannot understand such complex words and processes. Do not worry, I do not care. How could I when I speak another language? I speak stupid. I speak baby gibberish that no one but my fellow stupid women can understand. Oh yes, you have the permission to look down on me. Do not forget to use that insulting tone. The one that blames me for your mistakes or shortcoming because it is my fault that you cannot give your best. I bring stupid. I am stupid. Be ware, do not get too close! Did you not know that stupid is contagious? Do not dare treat me like your equal.I will always be inferior. Do not think about listening to my idea and thought processes. I have no mind. I have no brain. I cannot even translate your tone so feel free to shout and yell at me. Make your veins pop out, let froth form at the ends of your disgusting mouth and break my spirit. What spirit? I am nothing! I am no body nor am I a spirit. If the tears have not yet fallen, you know what that means: you have not down-graded me enough! Forget Karma! There is no way the world would turn around and put you in my shoes so be mean.Be nasty. Be rude. Be proud. Be judgemental. Keep me in my place. Keep me chained. keep me imprisoned. It is all OK. It does not matter because I do not matter. Go on, keep at it. Keep flooding your small brain with these thoughts. I do not understand. I do not comprehend. I am a woman


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