Hello, my name is procrastination

The soft whispers wash away my doubts. The sweet promises drain out my motivation. A click to that site and a tap of that tetris game seal the deal. The whispers continue. Soothing. Soft. Coming up at just the right time and saying what I want to hear, or is it what I need to hear? “Stop thinking. Relax, just for 5 minutes. What difference will 5 minutes make? How about that tetris game, huh? One round will set you up for the task, right? Come on, you know you need the motivation!” 10 hours and rounds of tetris later, the sun slowly starts to set. Oh no! “Oh yes! There is no way you can do it now on a hungry stomach! You played tetris all day and forgot to eat, you fool! Now, fill up, get the energy then you can start. You know your mind cannot concentrate when the stomach starts its dj sessions!” A meal and 8 TV episodes later, it is time to crawl into bed. Another day, another loss. I did it! I failed again. I promise tomorrow will be different. I will wake up earlier than ever and set to work! This is the last time. This is the last time. However, procrastination has now became another part of me. She is now my sister, my friend, my counselor and my controller. I lay helpless in her hands as she takes control of my life. Plays around with my thoughts with no care about the impact of these actions. My grades! My work! My time! My life! My self….Who am i? Who was I? She is taking over. More and more each day. She is… I am in control!


(Image: WordPress)


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