Waking seemed like a burden to her these days. She wished that every single night, as her eyes slowly and gently shut close, she would wake up and realize this was all just a dream. A nightmare, I beg your pardon. Have you ever experienced the breeze of relief that sweeps through every inch of your body when you break free from the chains of a nightmare? When you are finally able to wipe off those drips of sweat and steady your breathing. The relief when your heart rate starts slowing down and the familiarity of the room you lay in wraps around you with such warmth as though you were cradling a blanket. She longed for this relief. The chains of her corrupt government were now bruising her soft arms. She had started walking with a limp. Having her two feet bound for months had somehow made her forget her sophisticated trot. Her speech was now nothing but gibberish. Her stammers made no sense. She had become nothing. Nothing. Some people speculated that the chains were made with metals infused with some sort of wizardry that had caused this madness! One man was even brave enough to come out and share his story. He had been in the same situation before, you see. Not too long ago either. He had lost his hairs and did not walk with his chin up for months. There were bruises on his bald head as many a times, he had found himself scratching and scratching his head, trying to pick out his brains for a solution. When he finally realized that the only way to break the spell was by joining the coven, he gave in and sold his principles in exchange for freedom. he trashed his morals so that he could be able to lift his chin once more. He took part in corruption. Bribed his way out of the crimes that he had not committed.Bought his place back in society and even had a dinner with the minister so that his new criminal record could vanish. It was a crime to be honest. It was a crime to be just. That was just how things were. She knew this. She was more comfortable with having the chains that being part of a society that was drowning in corruption. She would never give in. She would always fight. Fight for justice. Fight for redemption


(Image: Pixabay)


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