She needs the world

She never really understood why life was the way it was. People advocated and pushed for norms that somehow made no sense to her. she wanted to be free to to do what made her happy without being judged. She wanted to follow her calling without being afraid that maybe her family would be disappointed in her. She just wanted to be herself, but how could she? She was expected to graduate top of her class and get the best job in the market. After this, she was to work a couple of years and make lots of money; so much money so that she could afford a huge mansion and lavish cars. She was to sweat blood and tears to live a life that was not hers but set for her by family, by friends and by society. All she wanted was to wake up early in the morning because she had so many things to accomplish on that day. She had the free classes to run and a the family that needed help preparing food for the homeless. Oh, how could she forget Maria who wanted her to show her how to use a computer and Marco, boy oh boy, he thinks he will be the next football star and she agreed to practice soccer with him! She was definitely looking forward to the lunch that she had been invited to, getting to know the people she was helping was just as important as actually giving her hand. She wanted to be free to do what makes her happy. She wanted to volunteer her time and strength to accomplish dreams that actually mattered. She did not care whether she slept in the softest mattress in the world or on the floor. Hell, she did not mind sweating in the hot sun as she helped clean up the homeless instead of sitting in an air conditioned room, stuck to a chair making hundreds by the hour. She did not mind throwing away possibilities for a chance at something that could impact lives in ways that actually mattered. The world does not need another rich snob buying high end fashion. What the world needs is someone to dedicate their time and effort to lift up those who need hope in society. The world needs her. She needs the world.



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