She reveals herself to the world!


She decided to take a chance and start a blog because what she really wanted was to have her content read by people from all corners of the world. She had never done this before and she honestly did not know how to start but she took the leap. She wanted to share her thoughts, opinions and ideas in a way that she was most comfortable with. She wanted people to enjoy reading about things that they may either relate to or have not experienced before. It was always her dream to be some form of writer. Not the kind that writes long novels that imprison you with each sentence as the suspense grows, but the kind that can pick up any topic spontaneously and relate to it. Of course, not everything she was going to write about was something that she herself had experienced (or was experiencing), but she had a habit of drifting off into some imaginary world where she lived the life of her characters.

Be sure to watch out for her posts that will be published everyday and feel free to make a request of any topic you would like to read about.



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