Goodnight brother

It was my fault. It was all my fault. If I never begged you to tag along this would never have happened. Now I have lost you. I have lost you in such a short period of time. I haven’t even had a chance to blink so how do you expect me to mourn? How do I mourn when
I do not even have the strength to let you go? How do I mourn when I do not even know how to let you go? You were my best friend. The only person in the world who truly knew and understood me. Me, a person who hardly speaks any words. Me, a girl of no expressions and no feelings and yet you brewed within my soul love and tender care that no one else in the world knows. You were my sunshine. My springtime. My joy. My world. Brother, it was my fault. It is my fault. Forgive me. Remember only the good times we shared where you are going. Do not forget your promise to always watch out for me. Remember that day you protected me from those nasty bullies? I still remember. I remember how you even got into a fight and fractured your arm all because of me. It has always been my fault. This time around,however, the pain is the greatest. Every night when I pretend to sleep, the bitterness in my heart crawls up to my mouth and makes me sick. Brother, forgive me. I will stop here now. My fingers are trembling, you see. The thoughts are creeping back in and the monster wants to take over. Tomorrow,
maybe I will be able to let you go as we lay you in the ground. As they lay you in the ground. I will lay you in my heart where you will forever stay.

(Image from pixabay)






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